15 Ekim 2016 Cumartesi 23:42
National bride AMANDA breaks her silence!
Amanda Cerny is an internet meme recently in Turkey.After answering Turkish ''Cafer Lalek from Yozgat''on her Twitter account ,she suddenly sat on Turkish media.She said 'I picked Cafer because he had an amazing moustache'.Although it's a fake account she thinks that Cafer symbolises Turkish men's kindness which she likes.

By the way she denied that she has been on such an 'advertisement project' before coming to Turkey.

Here is the headlines of her statements for Hürriyet;

I have been very happy for all of this experience.Turkish people are amazing.Learning more about the Turkish culture and growing up with it makes me excited.


I had a connection before with Turkey and Turks as well.I always  had many strong fans from Turkey.My comedy and viral videos shared and loved by Turks most.I hope I can keep them happy and make them laugh all the times.


It was a surprise for me(whatever happened with Cafer Lalek) I receive heaps of messages every day from my fans.I picked up Cafer to answer by chance because he was very sweet and very hospitably was inviting me to his country.Had a gorgeous moustache as well!!! Haha. You can call it destiny.Even if it's a fake account I am telling you again it is representing of Turkish men's kindness.He made me love Turkey even more.

The real owner of Cafer Lalek's account said, "It was all meme and I didn't mean any ads or PR" and also said with an another pictured share ''Hello, we laughed and had fun but it was all meme and now it's out of it's purpose that's why I am closing this account''



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